In today’s technology-driven age, it is imperative for every business to maintain an active web presence. Having a website has grown from being a privilege to being a necessity if you want to stay relevant—and most importantly, afloat. In fact, a business is practically nonexistent without one!

Being active on the web, however, is not only limited to a site for desktop browsers, as the majority of web users have been reported to access the internet through mobile phones. From making purchases to sending out inquiries, most modern consumers turn to their mobile phones when going on the World Wide Web.

The increased rate of mobile user access has called for businesses to act fast and keep up with shifting consumer behaviours by implementing responsive web design at all costs.


What is responsive web design?

Not sure what responsive web design is? Let’s say that you’re looking for a website of a store that you’d like to go to with the help of your mobile phone. After quite a bit of searching, you manage to find the website— but, much to your dismay, you’re greeted with an unsightly, hard-to-navigate page that has a font size only a mouse can read. Being disgruntled, you exit immediately, taking a business to a competing site that took mobile users into consideration.

Does this situation seem familiar? Well, it’s what your potential customers might experience with your website if it isn’t created with responsive website design.

Responsive web design, in essence, is a type of website design approach wherein a website is built in a manner that adapts to the screen size and resolution of any device it is accessed on. Through the use of CSS media queries, resizable images, and fluid grid layouts, a website can be developed with the right codes and tools to make sure that your website functions for everyone. By implementing responsive website design into your own business’s website, you can avoid losing potential customers.


What if I don’t have the skills and experience to make my web design responsive?

Good question! Fortunately, making your website design responsive doesn’t necessarily entail any type of knowledge greater than the awareness over the fact that your website needs it.

With the help of a reputed responsive web design company, your website can be enhanced with a strong mobile presence. Reputed responsive web design companies help businesses that don’t have website development as a strong suit by providing expert services at varying costs.


Why should you make your web design responsive?

Although the fees of a reputed responsive web design company may startle you at first, it’s crucial to understand that it can prove to be more of an investment than an outright cost. By investing in the services of a responsive web design company, both your business and website can enjoy the following benefits:


1 – Greater website visibility: As part of its effort to follow a “user-first” approach, Google now indexes websites with a responsive web design higher up the search engine rankings. This can mean great news for your website! A higher search engine ranking means greater website visibility, which results in an increase in website visits and sales conversions.


2 – More results and less effort at the fraction of the cost: One benefit of hiring a reputable responsive web design company or expert is that you pay for a one-time fee that gets you results without having to put too much money or time into the project yourself. Reputable responsive web design companies, just like yours, are businesses that have their own employees. Since their web experts already work for their company, you won’t have to directly pay for salaries or benefits to get the job done.


Final words

With the advent of consumer-centred website experiences making or breaking the performance of a business, it is vital to gain the favour of your target market— especially with responsive web design. With the help of a reputable responsive web design company, it will be much easier for your website to cater to the demands of every consumer. We’re a website design agency that specialises in quick turnaround & quality. Get in touch with us today to see how we can help!

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